Dinoski kids ski jackets

Top tips to help you prepare your kids for ski school

It’s almost half term and the pre ski holiday panic has set in. What do the kids need for ski school?

Ski school with kids can be stressful. From dressing them to finding them after, the key is making sure you have done your research and the kids are dressed appropriately.

Top tips to help you and your kids prepare for ski school.

  • It’s all about layers.

Make sure your children are wearing good thermal layers. I would recommend a vest, long sleeve thermal top and thermal trousers all tucked in; so they don’t get chilly and a fleece as a mid layer. Rugby skins make a great thermal layer, or Mountain Warehouse have a good quality and affordable range.

  • Accessorise!

All kids have to wear helmets, so rather than a wooly hat I would recommend a long snood or balaclava when it’s cold. Buff have a great range. These can be nicely layered under the helmet and tuck down into their collar, keeping their neck and chin nice and warm. There’s nothing worse then chin freeze! Waterproof gloves are a must. If you have money to spend, Barts do a great range of novelty gloves.. This could be a good way of making sure they stay on! In very cold weather gloves liners will help keep their hands warm.

  • Looking good on the slopes!

Dinoski wear are bringing another level of cute to the mountain this season with their ‘roarsome’ winter wear for kids. These all-in-one suits are perfect as there is no chance of any snow getting down the waistline. Keeping your kids toasty warm on the mountain all day long. The ears and bright colours will also make them easy to spot at ski school collection, which is super helpful at half term!

  • Ski boots!

I’m not going to lie, ski boots and children can be a nightmare! Here’s a top top tip: Start with good quality ski socks pulled up so it’s nice and smooth, thermal layer bottoms pulled up; so it’s not inside the ski boot. Ski boots can be hard to get on, I find it’s easiest to un fasten all the clips (so the boot is nice and loose) pull the tongue up (to widen the top) and ask your child to slide their foot into the boot, whilst you hold onto the tongue, and stamp. As easy as that?!

  • Don’t forget a snack!

Skiing is hungry work, so I would recommend popping a little sweet snack in your child’s pocket for their snack break. It’s also a good idea to have one on hand for the ski school pick up, when they are tired and in need of a quick sugar fix!

  • Tissues and a lip balm in their pocket

It can get really cold on the hill and a runny nose isn’t very nice. I would put a small pack of tissues and lip balm in their pocket, so they don’t get a sore nose and chapped lips.

  • Childcare emergency.

In the unlikely event your child gets lost, or ski school need to phone you in an emergency. I would recommend putting a contact card in their pocket; with your number and your chalet and any childcare details.

  • Ski School

Depending on which resort you choose to visit, there are many English speaking schools to choose from. In Morzine there’s a large range including Billski and Avoriaz Alpine Ski school. Both run by Brits and excellent with children. Most larger chains also have English speaking ski instructors, so it’s always worth researching which will be the most suitable for your child.

Think you might need a nanny to help you? Please contact Charlotte