The Easter holidays are well under way throughout the UK and about to start in Yorkshire, so I’m sure there’s going to be lots of families jetting off to sunnier, or snowier climates this weekend. What parents honestly enjoy the experience of being at an airport with young children? I have witnessed from travelling a lot as a nanny and for pleasure that it requires a lot of organising, patience and quite often bribery!


Oliver’s travels, a luxury villa holiday specialist, have shared their petition over on Linkedin and we are big supporters. After extensive research they have found that travelling families often feel they are poorly catered for at many UK airports. The luxury holiday specialists are hoping their campaign and research will make airports aware of how poorly parents and their children feel they are catered for and will encourage them to see that there is a market for designated family lounges that parents are willing to pay for.  After all, holidays start at the airport so why not make it as stress free and enjoyable as possible, for every member of the family.


As a well travelled holiday nanny I can confirm that many UK airports don’t cater well for families and better family friendly areas and paying family lounges would be hugely popular, especially at bigger airports. From my experience, the ‘first class’ lounges are not child friendly and the airports that do have child friendly play areas are often dated, germ ridden and don’t cater well for the parents. So I’m sure clean, interactive and comfy family lounges will be welcomed at all airports.


If you would like to read more about Oliver’s Travels campaign and sign this petition, please follow the link