Ski Holidays is our specialism

After over a decade of  ski holidays, Charlotte moved to The Alps to work as a ski nanny for several years... So not only does Charlotte  know all about holidaying in a ski resort, but also perfectly negotiating kids into the equation too!

A ski nanny takes away all childcare related stress from a ski holiday

They travel with you to your destination

Our ski nannies can be on hand from the moment you leave your house, acting as that extra pair of hands every family needs on a travel day!

Are ski resorts suitable for babies? 

Yes! The majority of ski resorts have play areas, swimming pools and baby changing facilities well situated around the resorts. The supermarkets are usually baby friendly, but we would recommend bringing any supplies from home that your baby is used to.

They can work flexible hours

The Early Bird catches first lifts and freshly groomed pistes! A Vacation Nanny offers a flexible nanny service for day time and evening childcare. Giving you the opportunity to catch firsts lift or have a leisurely morning breakfast!

"One Last Run!"

Whilst you enjoy the last run of the day and that well deserved apres-ski drink, our nannies can take the kids to enjoy the resort attractions such as sleigh rides, snowman building, carousel rides and not forgetting a hot chocolate stop!

Ski school run

Whether you're planning a big ski day, or also have ski lessons to attend; our experienced ski nannies can take care of the ski school run so there's no added stress getting back in time to pick up the kids!

Evening babysitting service

The added luxury of hiring a live-in nanny for your holiday means you have an in-house evening babysitter on hand for any nights out.

What are the benefits of booking during Covid-19?

Covid-19 has understandably left us all with an air of uncertainty for the upcoming winter season and future holidays. So therefore, we want you to know that we have a Covid-19 booking policy in place and would also like to share the added benefits of hiring a travel nanny to accompany you on your holiday this coming winter.

  • If you choose to travel by car, the nanny can travel with you from the UK
  • A Vacation Nanny is a live-in nanny service so therefore minimises who else your nanny is in contact with during your holiday
  • If you would prefer the nanny to live with you for a short time before the start of the holiday, this can be arranged.
  • If you or the nanny tests positive, or has to isolate before your holiday; we will offer you a refund or reschedule your booking. Full details in our Covid-19 policy.
  • We make sure our nannies have at least a week between each booking, if they come down with any symptoms a test will be arranged. If they have visited a country where they then have to quarantine, this will be dealt with.