At Vacation Nannies, we have professional and enthusiastic travelling nannies registered and all with a special skill or talent to share with the children they care for. Our nannies are usually sporty, art enthusiasts or travel addicts, but we have one nanny who has a skill every family wishes for from a nanny who is going to accompany them on their holiday, an early years sleep specialist! Meet Lottie, an early years consultant who specialises in ‘sleep’ and works as a holiday nanny.

Why did you choose to register with Vacation Nannies?

What first attracted me to register with ‘vacation nannies’ was due to the fact
that it would give me the flexibility to concentrate on my business ‘Lottie Hanes
Early Years Consultancy’ but still kept open the opportunity of working 1:1 with
children. This is important me as I have a love of working with children in the
early years. Charlotte’s agency was the perfect option for me as it also gave me
the chance to travel the world. As soon as I spoke to Charlotte on the phone I felt
that this was the perfect agency fit for me. It was highlighted that she really
wanted the best for her nannies and really cared about each placement she

How will your skill of being a ‘sleep specialist’ help travelling families? 

I believe that having a nanny abroad that specialises in ‘sleep’ is advantageous
for a family as it can be a tough transition for children whilst on holiday. Firstly,
sleeping in a new environment as well as the added excitement of the holiday
itself. Furthermore, jet lag can be a huge issue when travelling further a field.
Having a nanny that has the knowledge and skills to deal with this would make
the bedtime routine run smoothly enabling the parents to have the option to
enjoy a quiet evening childfree but having the confidence that everyone was

I have always wanted to do something specialised that would enable me to
support families in the community as being a parent is hard work although
immensely rewarding. Whilst working in a suburb in North Leeds as a nanny to
six bright and wonderful children it became clear that ‘sleep deprivation’ was on
many parents agendas. From this experience I wanted to be able to have the
skills to support these families. So I went on to train in this specific area to add to
my existing BA Early Childhood studies. However, I am constantly training to
enhance the skills I have and gain further knowledge.

If you had to choose your favourite holiday location, where would it be?

My ideal holiday location would be the sunshine. I am a sun worshiper!

Why do you love to travel? 

I love travelling because it allows me to learn about new cultures and try their
cuisine. I think traveling for children is an amazing opportunity to learn so much
and being a part of that as a nanny is fabulous.


Thank you Lottie for joining the Vacation Nannies team and we’re looking forward to working together this summer.

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