Keeping babies safe and comfortable in the summer heat can sometimes be quite challenging. Whether you are inside or out, you need to choose clothes which are lightweight, loose and made from a natural fibre such as cotton. This is to avoid risks of the baby overheating and developing a heat rash, or in serious cases, heat stroke. Overheating can be fatal and linked to sudden infant death syndrome, a fatal sleeping disorder (SIDS).  

It is recommended that you dress your baby similar to how you are dressed, so if you are only wearing shorts and a t-shirt, then dress your baby in a similar weighted outfit; you can always add layers such as little trousers and a long sleeved shirt or a wide-brimmed hat to shield their face. Don’t be fooled by cloudy days, harmful rays can still pass through the clouds,

Here are some tips of my top tips to stay safe in the sun:

Stay out of direct sunlight

It is advised that babies should stay out of the direct sun between 11 and 3 and a wide-brimmed hat is worn at all times to protect their face, and help keep their head cool. A sunshade umbrella is also recommended for the pushchair, not a blanket or sarong tied and draped over the pushchair, as this could make the baby overheat.

It is also quite a nice idea to have a little paddling pool set up in the shade for the baby, as this way the baby is able to have a fun splash around and stay cool at the same time, never leave the baby unattended.

Keep hydrated

Babies under the age of 6 months should stay hydrated through the formula they are drinking, or breast milk. If the baby is loosing fluids to perspiration, it is recommended to replace lost liquids with extra feeds or formula. Babies usually drink up to 50% more in the hot summer months.

Baby carriers

If you are using a baby carrier, make sure it is a lightweight one, as the baby will be at risk of heating from your body heat and being restricted in the baby carrier.

Reapply Suncream regularly

Babies skin is extremely thin and delicate, so they should always be kept out of direct sunlight. If you take the baby swimming, you should apply at least factor 30 waterproof suncream on the baby. Please be aware that some baby skin can be extra sensitive to this type of cream, so when they are not in water, use normal suncream for baby sensitive skin, without forgetting the ears. Always remember to suncream the entire body, as a normal t-shirt only has the SPF of around 5.

Irritable skin

In the heat, babies often suffer from irritable skin due to hot and humid weather. You may find red blotches or a rash in the groin, neck or folds of their skin, sometimes at the back of their knees too. To help relieve the rash, give the baby a cool bath and dress in loose cool clothing and apply baby powder to the area. Make sure the room the baby is sleeping in/playing in, is kept well ventilated.

Sunburn is extremely serious with babies if this occurs apply a cool towel and seek medical help.

I hope that all these tips help you keep your baby safe whilst you enjoy your family holiday. If you would like any more childcare tips, PocketNannies often post lots of interesting childcare related topics and top tips.