Vacation Nannies cater for a whole range of enquiries! From families looking for a holiday nanny, to a weekend nanny in London, to help whilst travelling for business, but have you ever heard of a family requesting an ‘in-flight’ nanny’? This is a nanny service that many clients don’t know exists! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, we have Vacation Nannies who specialise in assisting parents during a flight, or who can fly solo with infants to the required destination.

We had a catch up with Emily, our highly trained and experienced ‘Norlander‘, and she has kindly answered a few questions about her specialist ‘in flight nanny’ service.

Why did you choose to register with Vacation Nannies?
I often have rest breaks between jobs but I like the variety my job can give me working with different families in various situations . I have cared for a few babies now where air travel to foreign countries was part of the job and I have also taken babies from their birth country back home and settled them in. I’ve really enjoyed this aspect of the job and Vacation Nannies, as the name suggests, would give me more opportunities to help more families with their babies on flights.

How long have you worked as a nanny? What is your nanny background?
I have been a Nanny for 20+ years, having qualified as a Norland Nursery Nurse in 1995, I have spent my whole career caring for babies and young children gaining wealth of experience along the way. I have, over the last few years, spent more time dedicated to the care of newborns and travelling around caring for infants in various destinations around the world – this has been a great learning experience as I work alongside parents with different ideas on baby care, health and safety. As a child and even into my days at Norland, I lived and travelled all over the world, jumping on the plane comes as easily to me as catching a train or a bus. It’s not something I do to experience it or to travel, I do it because I am comfortable with it and know I am an asset to a family.

How will your skill of being an ‘in flight maternity nanny’ benefit new mothers who travel for business?
It’s not a perk or a treat to travel with babies on an aircraft. I’m just working in a different environment. It can be more stressful with an unsettled baby and I think for mothers having an inflight maternity nurse with them helps them to feel more at ease and they can enjoy their flight more. They can use this time to prepare for meetings, rest or to just unwind.To be honest, unless a mother is breastfeeding, I’m usually the main carer on board and don’t see much of the parents at all.

How do you help parents prepare for a flight? Do you have any tips?
New parents normally like to ask questions about what it’s like to travel with their baby and what they need to buy. You don’t need to buy anything special to travel with a baby. Just be sure to ask for a seat with the bassinet when booking and be sure to reconfirm you have that bassinet seat on check-in. I ‘babywear’ in most of my positions and I find, for me, this is the best way to travel with babies. There is no hassle with a pram. I have a backpack with all the items I need for the flight which stays within easy reach during the flight and I also pack a cabin wheelie bag with extras just in case, especially if the suitcases don’t arrive or are lost on the way to the destination – which has happened. I tend to keep the baby in their familiar routine if possible, I use their blankets in the bassinet and bring a couple of familiar books and toys. I talk and sing to babies a lot and the sound of a voice can be all the entertainment and soothing they need. If the mother is breastfeeding I do have her feed her baby during take off and landing, this is very helpful for the ears and soothing for both mum and baby. During the flight if the baby is unsettled, if possible I’ll walk up and down the aisle or stand by the galley and normally there are the wonderful crew who love to chat and play with the baby too and gives the babies something to watch for a while. But the biggest thing is to remain relaxed, enjoy the experience and attention and if the baby cries and is fretful to remember, it’s only one flight and you will not see the passengers again! Don’t try and shh the baby for the passengers, just help the baby

Do you travel in the cabin with them? Do you fly solo/are you happy to fly solo ?
Generally when I travel with families, we all sit together in the same cabin, whether that’s club or economy. I have also travelled long-haul alone with children and am comfortable with that, you just need to make sure you have all the right documents and signed letters from parents for immigration. And yes, I have also travelled by private jet and that is a whole different experience of travel!

Why do you love to travel as a nanny? 
I love travelling myself, I love being pampered and feeling relaxed on board a flight and I think it’s nice to have someone else experience that too. I am confident with both travelling and caring for babies so why not use my skills and provide them in the air to parents who would benefit and appreciate the help. I often see parents with babies on flights and sometimes feel like I’d like to ask them if they’d like me to watch their baby for an hour or two while they get a moment to eat a meal and rest or even watch a whole movie! – but then have to hold myself back as I’d probably get a very strange look. I wish they could know, I’m a dab hand at this baby care!


Thank you Emily for taking the time to answer our questions, it sounds like every family needs to take Emily on board with them!

If you are interested in hiring an in-flight nanny, or a parent who needs help with their children whilst travelling for business, then please email Charlotte at