Have you ever thought about hiring a holiday nanny? Families book a holiday nanny to join them on their family holiday, to help keep the children entertained whilst they enjoy some time away.

The Nanny has been specially selected and matched with the family to make sure they will bond with the parents and children, which is so important for a temporary position. A lot of families who have never booked a Nanny before can be unsure of what is expected from a holiday Nanny. Here is a list of what a Nanny might be able to help you with, whilst you are away on your family holiday.

A Holiday Nanny can….

  • Help throughout travel day, on the flight, at the airport, in transit etc. But please remember the Nanny will be as tired as you are if they have been on a long haul flight!
  • They can be on hand for any daytime activities, such as swimming, the beach, walks, sledging, arts and crafts etc. The Nanny should have activities prepared in advance to keep the children entertained.
  • They can help out with mealtimes, preparing or cooking for the children.
  • They can help with bath and bedtimes, morning and night
  • They can provide evening babysitting
  • They can share a room with the child, the Nanny will need to be notified if this is the case.
  • They can help out with light housework, children’s laundry and tidying up after the children.
  • They can help with homework
  • They can become their friend and someone who they can trust to share their thoughts with.

Nannies hired by Vacation Nannies are all flexible, friendly and happy to offer help whenever possible. If you would like to find out more information on booking a holiday nanny why not drop us a line or call to discuss your plans?