Why should I hire a holiday nanny for our next family vacation?

Before I started working as a holiday nanny I thought it was quite a strange concept, taking somebody away with you, to help you look after your own children, on possibly the only big family holiday of the year? It seems a bit unnecessary, yes? So why would you need a holiday nanny?

Let me tell you why hiring a holiday nanny might just be the best thing you have ever done, and you might never be able to holiday without one again!

Whilst family holidays are something to treasure and make treasured memories from, there are many aspects that can be found quite stressful, especially when there is more than one child involved. Starting at the airport; dealing with the luggage whilst trying to make sure one child doesn’t run off, juggling the baby whilst you’re sorting out your hand luggage, waiting for your transfer in a sweaty unconditioned airport whilst one of them is having a tantrum. That is to name just a few of the many hurdles you have to deal with and you haven’t even arrived at your holiday destination yet, never mind the extra pair of eyes you could always do with by the villa pool.

Holiday Nannies can be worth their weight in gold. They let you have those lie-ins you’ve been dreaming about, lazy days by the pool, and enjoyable outings together, without any of the attendant whining. All of these reasons are why hiring a holiday nanny is a great idea.

Having a holiday nanny helps you take away the worries and stresses that might come with traveling with young children. You won’t need to find a local babysitter or worry about the children enjoying Kids Club. You’ll have someone to help you with meal times and the dreaded suncream application, not to mention witching hour. With a nanny at your disposal, you can be as flexible as you like with the comfort of knowing you have an experienced, professional nanny helping you look after your children in the comfort of your holiday home or villa.

A holiday nanny is different to an everyday nanny, she is there to be your child’s play-mate and your right-hand help. There are lots of different packages of care available, the nanny can work during the day to help you entertain the children, or she can just be there for the early mornings and late afternoons and evening help. Holiday nannies are there to offer flexible care on your holiday, helping to make sure it really is an enjoyable one.

If you would like to find out more information about booking a holiday nanny for your next family trip, why don’t you get in touch with Vacation Nannies? Helping families find their perfect holiday nanny.

Morzine, why is it so good for families?

Over the years, Morzine is becoming the number one favourite resort for families in the Alps. Not only is the resort beautiful in the summer and winter months; there’s also something to offer for every family member.

Morzine boasts having a huge playground for adults and children. Skiing, sledging, mountain biking, hiking; the list of family fun activities are never-ending. And with the airport transfer time being only 1hr 15 minutes, it’s even more appealing for young families. I remember four-hour transfers to resorts as a child. I’m not sure how my parents coped or carried on taking us on ski holidays!!

As more and more people are visiting Morzine and finding it hard to leave, the British community is ever growing. This has resulted in a great network of British companies offering ski school, transfers and childcare services. Making it much easier for English speaking families to organise their trip hassle-free.

If you find your ski time is limited to ski school hours, why not think about hiring a ski nanny? Vacation Nannies will not only provide you with a private ski nanny, they will also be your in-house nanny for the whole duration of the trip. They will have been hired via our agency, you will have had the choice to meet them for an interview, and they will start off the booking by accompanying you and your family on the journey from the UK.

Once you have arrived at the resort, and depending on the childcare package you have chosen, they will be available for daytime and evening babysitting, whilst you enjoy what a ski holiday has to offer.

Nannys top-tips for getting your child to stay in bed!

Whether you’re a Nanny or parent; Bedtime, or witching hour as I like to call it, can be a nightmare. Children try every trick in the book to divert bedtime, and as a Nanny, I’ve heard them all!  Whether they are ‘hungry’, ‘missing Mummy’, ‘needing a wee’, the list goes on and it’s usually always an excuse to not go to bed!

Children need routine, especially on weeknights if they have school the next day. A good evening routine to follow would be; some outdoor play early evening or some indoor play/ limited television/screen time before supper, supper, a calming bath, story time and bed. Obviously, we all know that it never goes as smoothly as that… Especially with toddlers who have just been transferred from a cot to a ‘big girls’ bed.

So here is an outline of a simple bedtime routine you should follow, being consistent and staying calm is the key!

  1. After the child has had their bath, you should take them into their bedroom, where the curtains have already been drawn and the bedside lamp/’Gro Lamp’ is on, creating a calming environment for the child to start getting them ready for bed. All excuses have been covered; teeth brushed, toilet trip covered, beaker of water is next to the bed, their comforter is in the bed. Anything you think they might ask for, try to cover it before they get into the bed.
  2. Once they are all in their pyjamas and if they are old enough, let them choose two or three short stories they would like you to read. If you have more than one child, maybe let them choose two each?
  3. If your child like having some warmed milk at bedtime, let them snuggle into bed with it whilst you start reading them their stories. Once the final story is over, you make it clear that it is bedtime now and that they need to shut their eyes and dream of whatever it is they love doing. A lot of children I babysit for have a ‘Gro company Gro Clock’ for Sleep training. This is a really good way of trying to make them understand that it is now bedtime and when the sun comes up, they can get out of bed. It’s amazing how well it can work.

With toddlers who are just starting to get used to being in a bed, it is expected that they will keep getting in and out! They see it as a game, but you must not let a game be created.

Here is how:

  1. The first time they get out, explain to them it’s bedtime and lead them back to their bed, make them comfy and make sure you and they remain calm, then leave after giving them a kiss/cuddle good night.
  2. The second time, do the same as the above but a little firmer. Don’t sit down on the bed with them, just tuck them back in and leave.
  3. The third time, which will most likely not be the last time. Lead them straight back into bed and tuck them up without saying anything. (You may end up being sat outside the door for a while!) Keep repeating this until they learn they must stay in bed. Don’t lose your temper, or start conversations with them, as they will keep getting out and create a game from it. I had the experience of looking after a little boy who loved getting out of bed, sometimes 10 times before he would finally go to sleep, and I learnt that the less attention you gave him when he popped his little head out, the fewer times he started getting back out of bed. The transition from bed to cot is a real novelty for them, so it is natural for them to want to explore, but you have to persevere with your routine! Don’t let them start sleeping in your bed!!

If all of these routines don’t work, you can’t beat a good old awards chart! Especially if they are siblings, as they love to compete with each other. I have seen these charts work really well for families with children who won’t stay in bed. There are templates on line, or you can make your own.

There are lots of forums online to also help, so keep up to date with blogs such as ‘MumsNet’ which always has lots of helpful advice and discussions.


Here is a link for the Gro Clock: